Seek your fortune in the lands of Greater Harad where merchant-lords dominate the roads and sinister tyrant enthroned in Tul Isra rules the once independent. The first Apysaic speakers settled to the southwest of Far Harad, in the areas called Hyam, Eloma, Miredor, Drel, and Pel. The second wave of Apysani entered. Greater Harad has become impossible for me to distinguish from the overhaul I gave it. I poured more ambition into this module than any other.

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It is also referred to as the Sunlands[2] and as Haradwaith from the people who lived there; the name literally means rgeater, from the Sindarin harad”south” and gwaith”people”. Charnesra resisted her foes for a full two weeks before the warriors and magi of Tul Hsrad broke through the defenses. All of the lands were recovered except for some mines to the south. The writers of the book posit a heavy colonization by Numenoreans of this land in the Second Age, with it becoming a haven for, among others, the evil “King’s Men” who also controlled Umbar.

Campaign Setting game world.

Harad – Wikipedia

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Siresha rushes from the slopes of the Yellow Mountains in western Chennacatt through steep ravines and foaming rapids, slowing as the current passes through Isra and Kirmlesra to become wide and lazy at its mouth in the Bay of Ormal. Havens of Gondor Retrospective: Write a customer review. The culture of the seven cities is surpassed only by the elves and Numenoreans, and resembles somewhat of a cross between the Umayyad dynasty of Spain and imperial China the geography, meanwhile, evoking northern Africa and the Middle-East.


Many dynasties had risen and fallen as kings had attempted to Control this verdant strip of earth. Some groups returned to nomadic life and domesticated the animals goats, sheep, cattle, pigs indigenous to the locality.

No Grreater Links Found. The Two Lamps were subsequently destroyed by Melkorand a great inland sea formed at the site of both; the southern water-body was the Sea of Ringil.

For other uses, see Harad disambiguation. The breadbasket of the south, the lands of Sirayn are a prize worth holding. Sea-Lords of Gondor Retrospective: In retrospect, does the actual Greater Harad measure up to everything I gave it? Over the next 25 years, they fall in the following order: Donaldson The Land George R.

The place is stocked with traps and troops, and even in fallow periods it would be pretty much a death sentence to tackle the place. Rumor has it that the powers of darkness still guard the fortress. Posted by Jeff B. The PCs start in the free city at the behest of the Gathering of Speakers, until evidence leads them to race to the Mogholy Dask a tomb on the coastal cliffs to obtain an artifact being used to accelerate the perverse transformation.

Charnesra, built from marble and sandstone, brought down by treacherous ambition, and now a base for underground cults launching suicidal sting operations across the land.

Greater Harad

Read more Read less. Open Preview See a Problem? This is just part of one of several levels in the Nazgul’s Citadel.


Through his dark designs he hopes to subjugate the free dwellers of Sirayn, thus cementing the Dark Lord’s hold over this region of Middle-earth. Once control was haraf in the surrounding countryside the power of Bulgan spread.

James added it Dec 28, The description of the people of Far Harad, and their homeland in the far south of Middle-earth, bear similarities to the Sigelwarawhich Tolkien knew in Old English writings as a translation of Aethiopians. One person found this helpful. The Harad Road was the main overland route between Gondor and Harad. Grdater strains of wheat and barley, lentils, grass peas, dates, figs and linseed came into use.


Very good and detailed information on an otherwise unknown area of southern Middle Earth. One of many types of towers that bolster the walls and defenses of the Nazgul’s Citadel of Ny Chennacatt. Hey Allan – I didn’t run across any direct mention of the Court of Ardor. As a DM I remember wanting to design a complex campaign, and to push myself into places I hadn’t gone.

Retrospective: Greater Harad | The Busybody

Plutarch, “On Being a Busybody”. Narad-Dum closes its doors to the outside world. In the movie, Faramir rather than Sam, as in the book comments on a dead Southron, philosophizing whether the soldier was actually evil or just goaded or blackmailed into serving the enemy.