J. R Little. Cheikh Hamidou Kane belongs to a whole generation of francophone biographical material in the structuring of his first novel, L’aventure ambigue. L’aventure ambigue is an interesting book that tells the story of Samba Diallo. A young Diallobe boy who is among the first children of his village to attend a. L’aventure Ambiguë De Cheikh Hamidou Kane [Ambigue] has 2 ratings and 0 reviews: 95 pages.

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This made it tougher for me to read, but it also helped me focus more on the unique mindset of the African characters. Ambiguous Adventure – UK. Oct 19, John rated it really liked it. L’aventure ambigue is an interesting book that tells the story of Samba Diallo.

Ambiguous Adventure – US. This debate is slightly dated to us, but Kane had thought deeply about it, and he communicates quitte beautifully the trauma and hesitation of the collective as it trad A meditation on the crucial moment when Senegal moved from Coranic schools to accepting french curriculums.


Setting aside the religious aspect of the book we are also faced here with the whole issue of colonisation and how it corrupts and frequently destroys important cultures. Nietzsche is the contemporary of the industrial revolution.

In retrospect, my program specifically dealt with analytical philosophy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Cheikh Hamidou Kane L’Aventure ambiguë

Samba Diallo’s spiritual teacher in Senegal. A story of the colonized versus the colonizers–West vs. Perhaps the very memory of us will die in them.

hamodou What I am proposing is that we should agree to die in cehikh children’s hearts and that the foreigners who have defeated us should fill the place, wholly, which we shall have left free” For this reason, I find immense value in reading non-Western views and rebalancing the way I comprehend the world. I imagine existential angst has always been around. A cousin of the boy takes the bull by the horn since the men seem to be dithering and makes a decision: Apr 18, Suzanne Ondrus rated it liked it.


Finally, the ending felt incomplete.

L’Aventure ambiguë — Wikipédia

He reads Pascal “Of the men of the West, he is certainly the most reassuring” and thinks he sees some positives in the advancements brought by European civilization. Der Zwiespalt des Samba Diallo – Deutschland. It’s not an even playing field, as the author clearly sides with tradition — which chikh this case is almost entirely based in religion.

May 21, Donovan Richards rated it really liked it.

Ambiguous Adventure

This Senegal -related article is a stub. I should have not gone to the foreign school, and I should not be here this evening, if it had not been for her desire to find an explanation for our defeat. Dec 24, Jim rated it liked it. An important read, eloquent and to the point. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Articles to be expanded from June All articles to be expanded Culture articles needing translation from French Wikipedia Books with missing cover All stub articles.

Diallo’s “elderly cousin”, a sort of family matriarch called the Most Royal Lady, believes that the children should learn from the invaders: The book does hold out hope for true enlightenment and salvation in a last chapter after Diallo has blacked out — but it is only in what must be presumed to be his death that liberation from mundane matters and all that is terrible about our earth-bound existence can be found: What must have been the misbehavior of those who believe in God if, at the end of their reign over the world the name of God should arouse the resentment of the starving?

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. African victim perspective on colonialism.


His experience with the West exposes him to a new way of thought, one that is secure in its own superiority and values things only for their practical ut This book is about so much more than “a Senegalese man’s experience in France. I have lost a privileged mode of acquaintance.

There is change afoot, however: This book is about so much more than “a Senegalese man’s experience in France. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

A part of me considered quitting the book very early on. Sadly one of the teachers says that “God has assured their [the white man] victory over us In the process, he separates himself from his African roots and does not become fully French either. The more he learns of the Western world, the less he associates himself with his Muslim faith and his cultural tradition.

Cheikh Hamidou Kane’s Ambiguous Adventure is a fairly early novel of an African travelling to Europe to study and the resultant clash between traditional African values in this case also: There, he loses touch with his Islamic faith and his Senegalese roots. Aug 13, Yann rated it really liked it. Diallo’s religious teacher sees only the one way: In the end, the more Samba learns, the more he realizes life is ambiguous.

A Western-Centric Education Enveloped in study during my college years, I cheikg overlooked the narrow focus of my discipline. He believes if he becomes a “hybrid” then there will be shame. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.